Website Progress, Day 5


During Day 5, I used parts of other scripts found on the internet as well as gdrive to create my own script which backs up my entire WordPress database and config files into a single tar file and then uploads it to google drive for an off-premises backup solution.

Website Progress, Day 4


At the beginning of Day 4, something went wrong with the routing and I lost access to my server completely resulting in me restarting. Day 4 was basically just me repeating day 1, 2 and 3 in one day as I was familiar with what I had to do by then. I also started looking into scripts for backing up my WordPress database/files if a similar issue was to happen again in the future.

Website Progress, Day 3


Day 3 consisted of all the customization to the WordPress default webpage to make it look how it does currently, I also had the idea of writing a blog of my progress during this time.

Website Progress, Day 1


NOTE: The days in this blog are only the days I did work on the website and aren’t all directly one after the other as I had some days off.

Day 1 started off with getting anĀ Ubuntu 16.04 free-tier server fromĀ Amazon Web Services and doing basic configurations (installing Apache2). Once Apache2 was installed and the basics were setup I then claimed an Elastic (static) IP for the server and got a Domain Name from freenom.