Hello and welcome to my site!

My name is Cam “Griftz” Atkinson and I am currently a first year university student studying for a bachelors in Computer Science majoring in Internetworking and Network Security.

I am 21 years of age and enjoy IT and Gaming.

Team Fortress 2

I have been playing Valve’s Team Fortress 2 since 2012 and would consider it to be my most played and favourite game of all time. I entered the competitive scene in 2015 for Highlander (9v9 format) and main the Pyro class. As of mid 2017 I have also started my journey into the OzFortress 6s (6v6 format) competitive scene and main Scout.

My competitive history is listed below:

Highlander UGC
› S19 Steel – Squid Kids | Pyro | 1st!
› S20 Platinum – Sanctum | Pyro | 4th
› S21 Steel – Jet Fuel Steel | Pyro (Captain) | 9th
› S22 Platinum – Western Weaboos | Pyro | 8th
› S23 – Rat Noises | Pyro (Captain) | 10th
› S24 – SixBo | Pyro | 7th
› S25 – Berk’s Backyard | Pyro (Captain) | 3rd!
› S26 – SixBo | Pyro | 2nd!

Highlander Respawn League
› S1 – Sanctum | Pyro | tbd

OzFortress 6s
› 2018 Summer Cup – Looking For Timmy | Scout/Pocket | 6th
› S21 Open – Looking For Timmy | Scout | 8th
› S22 Open – Eat Your Veges | Scout | 7th
› S23 Inter – S A D B O Y S | Scout | 6th

RGL.GG Prolander 7v7
› S1 Div 1 – Sixbo | 5th


Nadeo’s Trackmania was one of the first games I owned on PC a little over 10 years ago. The first Trackmania I played was Trackmania Nations ESWC in 2006 and then proceeded to play Trackmania Nations Forever and then Trackmania² Stadium.

I raced at a semi-pro level for the team True Angels Gaming from 2012 up to 2016 specializing in Fullspeed and RPG and am considered one of the top racers for Australia.

Guitar Hero III

Guitar Hero III, created by Aspyr was one of the first games I owned on Playstation 2 and I still love it today. There aren’t many games that compare to Guitar Hero and it’ll always have a special place in my heart. My most recent achievement in GH3 is passing career mode in all difficulties.